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Established 1975.


Supplying the Retail trade with quality hand-crafted fashion accessories.

Currently serving retailers in Australia only.

Now Specialising in Ladies Fashion Leather Belts

Below, please find the text from the front of our hard-copy catalogue. We have no plans at present to put this catalogue on the 'net (but you never know!) If you find the following interests you, and you are a retailer or agent in Australia, please contact us, and we will post you the hard-copy catalogue.

HOW WE WORK: We are a small husband-and-wife concern, making accessories for the fashion retail trade for twenty years plus. Our success is due to a policy of keeping our quality higher, our prices lower, and having the right look for the season. We achieve this flexibility through relatively low overheads and sourcing as much as possible of our materials locally. Also we are sensitive to the individual needs of our customers, and can often prepare special orders to your requirements, including sizes, colours and even styles outside our regular range.

GUARANTEE: We have always replaced or refunded the occasional (RARE!) item with a manufacturing fault. It is possible that, despite the care we have taken, there may be an item that you feel is not as represented. If that should ever occur, please be assured that we will replace or refund without delay or question on return of the goods within a reasonable time. (30 days)

SIZING: Most styles are listed as available S.M.L. ... this means: Ladies - Small: fits 64-74 cm (25-29") waist. This is size 10 - 12 Medium: fits 74-84 cm (29-33") waist. This is size 12 - 14 Large: fits 84-94 cm (33-37") waist. This is size 14 - 16 Smaller sizes are available, going down in 10cm increments. Children's belts may attract a discount if the order is substantial. Larger sizes are no problem. Fittings up to 120 cm are $1.50 extra Men's sizes: (For Styles LA-HDB1, LA-H116, LA-H323, LA-H393) 85, 95, 105, 115cm (Fits 5cm either side of measurement)

DISCOUNTS: We appreciate your support, and so offer the following... Quick Payment. (we receive payment within 7 days of invoice date): less 5% Orders totalling 15 belts or more --- Freight-free. Please note that less than 15 belts will cost $6.00 freight. Quantity discount may be available on orders of 100 belts or more the same style, and with at least 20 per colour. For this quantity we can get special buckles made, and special leather finishes and colours may be available . . . please apply.

MINIMUM ORDER: One belt! (but you pay delivery costs ... see above)

PAYMENT: 30 days net from date of invoice. The fact that so far we do not have bad debts is reflected in our low prices. We will continue to rely on prompt cheques from our customers to be able to keep our prices down. Our policy of "payment on delivery" has been modified in recent times because we can rarely deliver personally now. Instead we use Express Post, or sometimes a courier service, rather than incur an extra expense for you by despatching C.O.D. by post. To make payment as painless as possible we enclose a "Reply Paid" envelope with each order so you merely slip your cheque in and post; the same day if you can. This ensures your 5% "quick payment" discount. We expect to receive your credit application with your first order (application included with catalogue.)

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