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Client List

 Sites we built and now manage
Bass N Mexico (USA, Mexico)
Wet-A-Line Tours (USA, Mexico, Brazil)
BassWise Inc (USA)
South Queensland Crayfish Farmers Association (Australia)
House and Garden Design (Paris, France: now Surrey, UK)
Accra Wire Controls (Michigan USA)
Cougar Oils (Hervey Bay, Australia
Stark Engineering (Forest Hill, Australia)
Chester Pony (Lakes Estate, Australia)
AztecBass (USA)
Tabeel Nursing Home (Laidley, Australia)
Pure Noni Juice (Forest Hill, Australia)
Cougar Oils (Hervey Bay, Australia)
ijool (502 Nationwide Jewellers in Australia and New Zealand)
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 Sites we did not build but now manage

Andersens Carpets (42 stores in Queensland and NSW, Australia)
    [redevelopment under construction. click here for sneak preview]
Cross-Link Productions (Brisbane, Australia)
    [now redeveloped]
Paper Solutions (Gold Coast, Australia)
    [now redeveloped]

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 Sites under construction (Some "sneak peeks" available)

RV Park de El Fuerte (Mexico)
Body Rescue (Brisbane, Australia)
Gone Bassin' (USA)
Bass South (USA)

Trophy Bass Lodge (Mexico)
Dale Frank (Australia)
Books24x7 Australia

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 Other Sites we did not build but we host

ME/CFS Society of Queensland (Laidley, Australia)
Polyworld Pty Ltd (Brisbane Australia)
Sacranet (California, USA)
Jordan Photographic Design (California, USA)
McDonalds Sacramento (California, USA)

ABC Health Insurance (California, USA)
Carburetor Factory (California, USA)
Finger Family (California, USA)
Express Deals (USA)
Real Estate by Referral (USA)
Lets Eat Out (USA)
John Colville, Entertainer (Australia)

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 Other Sites we built in their original form
Laidley Shire Council (Laidley, Australia. This site has since been rebuilt by others)
Gilletts Jewellers [joint venture with Intervations.
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