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Getting "Your Organization" on the Web - Frequently Asked Questions

If you know little about the net and site building, you will find this page extremely informative - riveting even!  Otherwise you might prefer to skip straight to asking for a quote.


The road forward
      The road forward . . .

Briefly: you need two types of service.
  1. You need someone to design and develop (author) your site, then ...
  2. You need a server to host it (somewhere for it to”live” on the net).
         . . . and perhaps . . .
  3. You may want to use the internet as an extension of your intranet, which can be an effective way to save thousands of dollars a year (a month?) on your organization's phone and fax bill, not to mention the savings in the use of regular mail.
We can provide any of the above.   We can also provide dial-up access to the Internet via our agency with HYPERmax.

This is a local call in the Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Brisbane.   The rates are very reasonable at less than $1/hour, and there are even unlimited plans available.   We can usually get you "on the net" the same business day if we get your call in the morning, or the next business day if you call in the afternoon.



Designing a Web Page
Web design is a specialist job

Key to success
Proper Marketing
is the key to success

To have a site authored includes the basic HTML code (including frames and tables) which is at the heart of your pages, conversion of your graphic material (photographs, letterhead logo, line drawings, etc.) into a format suitable for the web, animated GIF pictures, image maps, feedback or order forms which are processed and sent to your electronic mailbox, guest book, etc.

Depending on your objectives, this could mean anything from one to hundreds of pages. As an example, at the LockNet site there is a web we built for our local Shire Council.  Their web is about 100 pages.  We encourage you to examine their site.

We build sites to take advantage of the features of the current major web browser software, but also to look good to potential clients with older version browsers. This means we do not necessarily have the latest internet technology on the sites we build, but after all, our job is marketing your organization, and that can't be done effectively if half your potential audience can't see your web! Nevertheless, we can and do use streaming for audio and video, java etc. where there may be an advantage in doing so.



Stand out from the herd
Stand out from the herd

We'll find you a cool place to live on the web
We'll find you a cool place to live on the web

To have a site hosted, you need to decide what features you need.

You can have your web as an extension of someone else’s domain. For example, if you chose to have your web live under the LockNet domain, your address would be “http://www.locknet.com.au/yourcompany”

Or, you may want to consider having a registered domain name to reinforce your Internet presence. That means your Internet address would be something like: “http://www.yourcompany.com.au”. This simply means “world-wide-web address: your company in the commercial domain in Australia.” Of course we also host many non-Australian domains.

Alternatively you could even have your own virtual server, which you could look after yourself, or we could administer and maintain it for you. We provide virtual servers through eservers pty ltd which is partly owned by LOCKyer interNET pty ltd

eservers is the world's fastest growing Web space provider and the creator of the Virtual Site Administrator software. In this case, there are 4 levels of server, with varying features and costs. Details



Don't be left behind!
Don't be left behind!

We'll get your web off the ground
We'll get your web off the ground

As little as AU$20 a month!

Actually, the cost varies considerably according to the needs of the client, but as a basic authoring rate for a small web we ask AU$150 for the first page, and $120 per page thereafter.

The costs to host a site depend entirely on your requirements. We host small webs (up to 5 meg) which you update yourself, for $240/year, and larger ones for $960/year or $80/month. This second option includes “rent” of server space, a monthly update of your site (one hour’s time spent), our registering your site with the major search engines (at least 25), POP or aliased email accounts, full support and troubleshooting, (local call) web marketing advice, databasing, shopping cart, secure credit card transaction facility, autoresponders and a password-protected Bulletin Board.

To use the internet as an intranet is a specialist application, and we invite you to discuss your requirements with us.

If you want the optional Domain Name, the regulatory authority (AUNIC) charges AU$125 for the first two years for registering and delegating a Domain Name. Delegation means that when your client types in your address, the system knows which of the millions of machines on the web from which to request your material. You can register it yourself online, or we can do it for you for AU$50. To host your domain, we are levied an extra AU$15/month, which we pass on to you.

An exciting new feature which we offer is sub-domains for a small additional fee (AU$5/month).   Instead of paying AU$120 to AUNIC for a full domain name, you can "test the water" with a sub-domain. Your address can be called in the form http://yourcompany.locknet.com.au
You can also have sub-domains of your own domain name, for different products or departments.
Please feel free to get in touch for us to explain in more detail.

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