Wow! Recently when moving servers, we noticed this site is nearly 20 years old!
Yep, 19 years plus, since was "born". Time for a ramble!

At that time it stood for "Lance-and-Arnies Fashion Accessories", our manufacturing business. We made mainly ladies leather belts, but also Theocratic accessories like Bible covers and witnessing bags. That business was sold in 2000 to a brother who had been our workshop foreman. He still makes them in Ipswich, Queensland.

Then it stood for "Lockyer and Australia" as we launched our web design business with an attempt to create a portal for the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia. The cartoons we had specially created for that site are still online.

Well, that was only a limited success, but we became specialists in Web Design, working for clients in several countries, notably Australia and the USA. For a laugh, see the archived site here. Remarkably, we still do this as a substantial part of our business.
In 1999 we needed to create a company, "Lockyer Internet Pty Ltd" and a website for it, Mainly because Locknet owned a share of (and still does).
Eservers is a high-end hosting company, catering for mainly businesses and local government in Australia and the USA. A remarkable company, eservers has been profitable from the word go, although we have never really promoted it at all. It's grown by word of mouth from satisfied clients.

In 2006, Locknet gave way to a new company, Fair Go Communications, the change being because we no longer have our headquarters in the Lockyer Valley (although the team is scattered across Australia, head office is now near here) and we now do MUCH more than just Web Design.

We're also into hosting, maintenance, ecommerce, database solutions, streaming media, domain registration, VoIP, Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Voice-to-Fax, Fixed line, 1300 and 1800 numbers (and freecall numbers that terminate in different countries), online accounting solutions, SMS marketing, Social Media marketing, Webinars, and more. Whew!
Anyway, you didn't want to know all that: you probably dropped by looking for the Friends of Lance & Arnie site. :)


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